Saturday, 24 December 2016

VIØLETS // The Camden Assembly // 21.12.16

Photography by Louis Gianfrancesco

It’s been a whirlwind year for four-piece Brit band, VIØLETS. From playing a host of sell-out headline shows across London, in iconic venues such as the Hoxton and O2 Academy Islington, to recording at RYP Studios, polishing hits ready for the world to hear next year. There is no denying that there was a particular air of excitement buzzing amongst the fans in the crowd for their final gig of 2016.

Smoke filled up the ambient Camden Assembly and lights turned to purple hues as the alt-pop group entered the stage, met with a roar from the anticipating audience. Hypnotic beats pulsed through the speakers as lead singer Pippa Sarratt kicked off the night with alluring vocals on ‘Cashmere’, warming up the crowd for what was to come.

Once the beat dropped on their lyrical debut track ‘Sinners’, Morgan Kilmartin and Aaron Miller delivered deep electronic pads and punchy drums you couldn’t help nod along to. Sarratt has almost an ethereal nature when she performs, perfect for encouraging the impassioned crowd who sang along to every word; a sure sign that this single will blow up next year.

Expansive and epic guitar riffs provided by Rob Wheatley in ‘When The Light Goes Down’ had the audience cheering for more, with band members exchanging ecstatic smiles from the roar of appraise. Not one note was put wrong, proving that this quartet live up to the hype and polished production of their recordings, which is refreshing to see in the alt music scene.

After a few more unreleased tracks the band gave their own indie ode to Christmas with a mash-up of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and M.I.A’s ‘Paper Planes’, which was actually quite ingenious. Having taken their final bows they shared a celebratory hug at what they’d just achieved, a humbling moment to watch for a band who are so clearly destined for big things in the new year.

And the gig was met with nothing but praise, as their photographer Louis Gianfrancesco said: “This gig was truly awesome and a lot better than I envisioned, the guys have definitely outdone themselves.”

Speaking after the success of the night Wheatley said: "This year has been great for us; we've only been together since late 2015 so we're super lucky to have the support that we do. We can't wait to start gigging further afield in 2017, as well as putting some more releases out!"

Check out their debut single 'Sinners' below...


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