Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Brontë // The Monarch // 12.01.17

Photography by Robert Boulton

It was set to be a huge night for indie-pop band Brontë, as it was not only their first show of 2017 but the first as a trio, with the recent addition of their new bassist. The band had an insane 2016 with the release of their debut single 'Hands', and a whole host of headline shows across the UK including BBC Introducing, and so there was a sense of intrigue as to what this year might hold.

As the laid-back synth sounds of 'Midnight' started to fill up intimate setting at The Monarch, the crowd immediately drew their focus to the band as lead singer and guitarist Lonnie Storey kicked off their set. Storey provided emotive vocals and sweet melodic riffs that instantly had people nodding their heads, giving a smooth yet enigmatic start to the set.

The band's stage presence was incredibly warming, as Storey encouraged the crowd to come closer and created a personal atmosphere with witty conversation. It was great to see the band so at ease and genuinely enjoying jamming together, which isn't always the case at smaller gigs.

The indie trio also played a track so fresh it's yet to be named. As soon as drummer James Carragher delivered the dynamic drum pads on the ambient track, the band was met with a collective gasp of excitement from the lively crowd; a clear sign of a hit in the making. Elie Olives performed with rich and experimental bass fills, and seemed in his element for their first performance as a trio.

Sticking to their 80s vibe, the band played their own indie rendition of Jermaine Stewarts classic 'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off' and got the whole audience chanting, as the cover fit perfectly with their setlist. By the end of the night the whole crowd was dancing to the dreamy-pop sound of Brontë, finishing off with their debut track 'Hands' which went down insanely well as the reverberant guitar mixed with the punchy drum beats.

Speaking after the gig Storey said: "We had an amazing gig and the crowd were excellent. Our new single Actors is out on the 21st January and we're gonna be in the studio again really soon to get some new stuff down."

There's no denying that this year will be huge for Brontë, and if they can make a smaller Camden show feel like a gig worthy of a much bigger venue, then it's safe to say they're on route to explode in the music scene this year.

Check out their debut track 'Hands' on Spotify below and be sure to catch Brontë at their next headline gigs at the Tram and Social and Nambucca this January...

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