Saturday, 21 January 2017

Track of the Week // Shy Luv + JONES- Shock Horror //

There's an air of mystery to Brit duo Shy Luv which keeps you wanting more. With only a few tracks released for your listening pleasure and no music videos (until next Monday), it's safe to say that these electronic masters are keeping their project well under wraps, which is quite ingenius rather than rushing out an album like a lot of eager bands might do, and is exactly what made me want to put them in last months Bands To Watch.

So, it gave me immense joy when I heard their latest track 'Shock Horror' with JONES drop on Friday. I'd first heard the track live when they supported SG Lewis and instantly fell in love, and to  finally hear the deftly-produced studio version is quite literally music to my ears. 'Shock Horror' offers all the best qualities of Shy Luv, from funky basslines to playful synthesisers and from beginning to end keeps you nodding to the groove with it's intoxicating lyricism.

The eighties-electro vibes on this song are complimented by the insanely sweet vocals of JONES who fits perfectly with the harmonic vocals from Shy Luv, ultimately making for an epic danceable track.

Hear the Track of the Week below (I bet you can't help nod your head to this one...)

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