Sunday, 14 February 2016

Is Street Style The Real Star Of Fashion Week?

It's safe to say that everyone and their mother knows when fashion week starts, as our Instagram and Bloglovin feeds are inundated with outfit posts from the trendiest street style stars donning the best designers in an effortless style mix sending photographers into a frenzy.

Yet, it's hard to deny that sometimes the fashion outside the show is more influential that what we see on the runway. Of course nothing can compete with the decadent designs of Elie Saab or the avant-garde ensembles courtesy of Atelier Versace, but the journalists, socialites and bloggers earn the right to their own catwalk inspiring a wardrobe more attractive for daily life. They have that certain je ne sais quoi easily qualifying them as the catalyst for the trends we'll see post fashion week taking over blogs and the youthful startlets of Instagram. Although, has it simply become a battle for the attendees to gain the Internet seal of approval, and earn best dressed on Vogue and blogs alike?

I took a trip down to London Fashion Week last season to watch the street style process in action and it really is as hectic as it looks. Photographers were on the look out for their next photo opportunity whilst others were snapping away at girls sporting their most nonchalant poses in their sartorial successes. What was most apparent though, were the non-attendees who were floating about outside purely hoping for their one-shot chance to get snapped. Perhaps it is street style that really makes fashion week a success, from the outlandish to the chic, the pre-show buzz that occurs outside creates hype and makes fashion week more than just an event for industry insiders.

The chicest of the streets are almost runway models in themselves as each season it's undeniable that hoards of people wait to see the likes of Olivia Palermo's latest style mix. Despite being famous before, her candid shots of running across the streets from show to show have become the epitome of street style photography and I always eagerly await what fashion masterpieces she'll showcase each season.

It is true then that street style is incredibly relevant for the future of fashion week; the trend-setters of the streets are competing for the street style crown, as well as many of the trends sported by the youth today being inspired by these fashion stars. Yet despite this, the pure glamour and extravagant staging of a real runway could never be in the shadows at fashion week, but perhaps the runway luxe and street chic are inspiring each-other giving fashion week the avant-garde longevity it needs in the haze of 'fast fashion'.


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