Friday, 3 March 2017

New Release // The Hundredth Anniversary- Sea State Pictures //

Say hello to the Brighton trio whose new album will most definitely be your favourite thing you've heard this week. The Hundredth Anniversary are comprised of Eleanor Rudge, Demelza Mather and Chris Lowe and they have just released their debut album Sea State Pictures on Faking Jazz Records, and its just as atmospheric as it sounds. The album features some of their hit singles After I Was Thrown in the River and Pour as well as seven brand new tracks which work seamlessly together to portray the band's musicality.

Opening the record with their singles After I was Thrown and Pour respectively, the alt-trio offer a beginning which is sonically sculptural. Blissful vocals and sincere lyricism from Rudge carry the tracks through its conceptual guitar riffs, and the passionate percussion from Mather compliments the enigmatic basslines offered by Lowe. Overall, the song choices create a strong position to kick off the album, whether you're coming in as a long-time fan or you're listening for the first time.

The album deals with themes on the body and particularly on loss and dealing with change, and a stand-out track has to be Knife. Its ambient chords give a warmth to the song and its layers create an ethereal vibe, which is sonically stunning to listen to. 

Recorded by Ben Hampson, who has worked with the likes of the Noisettes, the album has an intimate feel thanks to the honest songwriting of the band and potentially due to the cosy Brighton barn where they laid down the tracks.

Speaking on the album, Rudge said: "We started off the process by each of us taking it in turns to lead with an idea - then we’d take it as far as we could together in 5 or 10 minutes, record it and move onto the next person - and doing that lots of times. Most of the songs on the album were born from this process, and I think it really worked for us - it feels like the songs sound much more naturally like ourselves from doing it this way.” And it certainly worked, the songs feel naturally developed in their light and shade, creating a very true approach.

Sea State Pictures finishes with You Wrote Home, which quite aptly closes off the debut album with a slower, stripped-down tune. It's reflective and emotionally-rich whilst staying true to their unique musicality, and ends what is an assured and poignant debut album.

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