Friday, 24 March 2017

Track Premiere // Ghost- VIØLETS //

With thousands of streams on their debut track Sinners, and huge buzz around their online covers, I'm thrilled to be premiering the huge new single Ghost from this talented London four-piece, VIØLETS.

Ghost is hypnotically dynamic, from its pulsing beats to its playful guitar riffs, the band creates a limitless soundscape to constantly keep you curious as to where the song will lead next. The powerful vocal melodies effortlessly accompany the track, as lead singer Pippa Sarratt's clever narrative gives an emotional depth thats incomparable to a lot of alternative bands on the scene.

Thundering basslines and ambient synths are paired with hi-hat trills and impassioned piano chords, provided by Morgan Kilmartin and Aaron Miller, resulting in a brilliantly expansive track. The alluring and experimental guitar hooks from Rob Wheatley add an air of mystery against the haunting backing vocals, and carries the song through each of its conceptual sections.

There are so many points of interest within this track, that its hard to pinpoint specific parts to describe the song in all its glory. Ghost is one of those tracks that you'll want to listen to on repeat so that you soak in every clever nuance that makes it such a sculptural and insanely catchy song.

It's indisputable that this alt-pop band are unique to any other band making music right now, and to call them alt-pop is to only begin to describe the complexities of their musicality and the diverse range of genres that feature in their songwriting. It's fair to say VIØLETS are destined for big things in 2017, and with more killer releases and announcements due in the next few months, you'll want to keep them on your radar so you don't miss a thing.

Check out VIØLETS latest track Ghost below on Spotify...


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