Thursday, 14 January 2016

Day in the Life of a Fashion Intern

Work experience in fashion is notoriously associated with an intolerable boss, but not every job as a fashion intern mirrors the pressure intensive experience of Andy in The Devil Wears Prada…

The sun was beaming down on the hustle and bustle of Baker Street Station as I manoeuvred my way out of commuters ready for another hectic yet exciting day at Goat, the fashion label of a working girl’s dreams. First thing on the to-do list is to make the tea rounds, its not required of me but it is an essential step for a Monday morning. Next its off to the marketing team, oyster card in hand, to collect the camera and catch the tube to the flagship store on Conduit Street to take some artsy shots for social media. As I’m snapping away I get a call asking me to bring a few pieces back to office, so I head on out to oxford street, bags in hand, and wave frantically as I attempted to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw to hail a taxi. Forgetting it was however lunch break and every car was inevitably full, I hopped on the next train and made it back to HQ.
After a quick sandwich and a much needed espresso it was time to package the latest orders for the lucky consumers, which is in fact far more enjoyable that it appears as I rummage through rails of stunning clothes to find the desired piece. In fact, it’s hard to say any task is a bore when clothes are involved. After a few hours of folding, taping and sealing I was complimented on the photos I shot earlier and was asked to write two blog posts to go alongside them. I frantically piled up the orders and headed straight for a laptop, drumming away at the keyboard as I raved about the pieces I had snapped. Beaming of happiness I couldn’t hide my excitement as I proudly handed over the finished posts, never did I think I’d be lucky enough to pursue my writing in my internship. As the sky turned dusk I gathered my belongings and was told I’d be going to the V & A museum tomorrow to write up a review of the latest exhibition for their blog. I left on a complete high as I headed back into the jungle of commuters, but of course in the fashion sphere it’s just another day in the office…


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