Thursday, 14 January 2016

Designer to Watch: Daniel Silverstain

Israeli born designer Daniel Silverstain has become one to watch in 2016 as his unique innovative take on womenswear stormed the SS16 New York Fashion Week catwalk with pure panache. With an education at New Yorks infamous FIT university to his name, its not hard to wonder why this designer has been making marks on the fashion industry.

Silverstain has always been deeply inspired by modern day architecture and industrial designs of cities and so the geometric shapes present in his collections create a rather refreshing avant-garde feel. His designs aim not to hide the female features but instead to compliment the feminine body with a touch of innovation, the woman of the future, if you like.

As he showcased his most recent collection at the SS16 New York Fashion Week white hues mixed with platinum metallics were omnipresent, whilst a touch of multicolour verticals broke up the soft neutrals.

Nail artist for the show Gina Edwards spoke to Tristen Yang about the look “Daniel Silverstain drew inspiration from the 60’s[…] We took a lot of primary colors which you’ll see in this collection”.

The 60’s inspiration behind Silverstains collection was stunningly represented through
futuristic shift dresses whilst the designer added his own touch using organza overlays and plush leather trousers.

Perhaps most striking of all was the look of deconstructed midi dresses fit with and asymmetrical patterned top skirt and an ever so 60’s underlay skirt fit with eyelet hardware.

Silverstain’s collection is full of easy to wear pieces that are designed for you to be creative with. The endless combination of styles formed with just a few of his pieces emphasise the forward-thinking appeal of his collection and the reason his designs have such staying power.

If you’re a fan, fill your SS wardrobe this year with shiny metallics and a bright pops of colour and you’ll be on your way to a Silverstain mastepiece.


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