Sunday, 28 May 2017

Album Review // The Amazons //

Photography by Swallow Media (Matthew Swallow)

One of the standout new bands in the past year has undoubtedly been Reading-born four-piece The Amazons, and to say fans have eagerly awaited the debut of their first album would be an understatement, as fans originally heard their latest single Junk Food Forever back in 2015. Their indie-rock riffs are distinct from any other band, so much so that almost instantaneously upon hearing the first few seconds of the enigmatic melody, you can identify it as Black Magic. 

The band appear to have discovered the science behind writing incredibly catchy anthemic tunes, with complex chord progressions and loud scuzzy guitars which has been noticeably missing from the commercial indie scene. The album, rightfully so, includes many of their biggest singles released over the past two years like In My Mind and Little Something, with a hefty amount of brand new tracks which fit in perfectly with their developed sound. It's hard to believe that this is their first album, as listening to the mix of old and new tracks feels more like a band that has been around for years, and their now extensive catalogue of music is a force to be reckoned with. 

A track that could easily be their next single is Burn My Eyes which playfully indulges in a range of rock rhythms, with an element of Foo Fighters in the foundations of the chorus yet, is unmistakably a The Amazons track, with light and shade in the fusion of their influences. Dipping into ballads ever so slightly, lead singer and guitarist Matthew Thomson gives incredibly honest lyricism on love with track Palace, offering a beautiful end to the album with stunning piano and ambient guitars.

Crowned as being a band who’ll bring back the commerciality of indie music, with the album tipped for success the moment it was announced, it almost comes as no surprise that this album resonates as a complete victory. It’s certainly a warm welcome to see the fans making the effort to pick up physical copies of the album, notably just as much on vinyl, to support the band an elevate them to the status they so deserve. This self-titled debut will undoubtedly be a spotlight album for 2017.

Check out The Amazons debut album below, available now on all digital platforms and be sure to support them by purchasing the album! Also check out the incredible photography from Swallow Media of The Amazons in action at their Mama Roux's show below...

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