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Honey Lung 'Sophomore' Launch // Camden Assembly // 02.05.17

Photo by Ben McQuaide

There are very few bands out there that I know before the show even begins, it will be an insane set guaranteed, and Honey Lung are one of them. I've seen Honey Lung play a few times around edgy London venues, and each time the band play bigger and better with new songs and a growing audience of loyal fans. It was a given that the launch night for their Huw Stephens championed track Sophomore at Camden Assembly, was to be a gig to remember.

I love Camden Assembly for its ambient setting, and seeing it filled to the brim with a crowd eagerly anticipating the London four-piece made for an incredibly exhilarating atmosphere. As the band entered the smoky stage and the scuzzy guitars of their track End of Time exploded from the speakers, the crowd immediately descended into a head-banging frenzy, singing every word.

Throughout the set lead singer and guitarist Jamie Batten provided the assured grunge vocals to their stratospheric tracks alongside guitarist Charlie Gardener's anthemic riffs, combining together for an epic post-grunge sound. The band undeniably sounded tighter than ever, as Omri Covo delivered skilfully riotous percussion and newest member Dave Sherry played enigmatic basslines, all mixing together for raw shoegaze excellence.

The quartet also premiered brand new music that's in the works to be recorded soon, with their track Stuttering Mind resonating particularly well with the crowd, for its cleverly written melodies that you couldn't help hum along to. It also wouldn't be a Honey Lung set without a bit of rowdy crowd chaos, and as the fuzzy sounds of their thunderous track Something began, the crowdsurfing kicked off and the mosh pit descended into one worthy of arena-sized proportions.

Finishing off their set with the launch of Sophomore, the band looked thrilled at the reception they'd received, with it easily being one of their best London shows to date. There's really something so gripping about watching Honey Lung play, and the band have naturally grown a community of fans who turn up to every show with a genuine love of listening to their rollicking tunes, who bring along their friends and continuing to grow their listeners. Undoubtedly the guys are destined for a killer 2017, and with some huge plans in the works for the following months, you're bound to be hearing their name a little more often.

Check out their brand new track Sophomore below...

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