Thursday, 16 February 2017

Flying Vinyl // The 100th Vinyl Edition //

For their 100th vinyl pressing, Flying Vinyl pulled out all the stops with some incredible new bands who've been creating a buzz in the industry, and exclusively pressed their latest tracks onto everybody's favourite format. Read all about which bands were featured below...


I was so excited when flicking through the selection to see the luminous flamingo cover art for the Van T's latest track Fun Garçon. I featured this Scottish four-piece in December's Bands to Watch and have been an avid listener of them ever since and I'm so happy to be able to have their new single on vinyl. This explosive track features fuzzy guitars and vocals with attitude to the rhythm of huge drums, it definitely makes an impact and it's a song you'll remember. The B side features No Man's Money, which is slightly more pop than the A side, and offers a playful riff that contrasts with the grunge-y vibe and sounds impeccable on vinyl.


There's been a buzz about ISLAND for a while but it wasn't until the marble effect vinyl came through the post that I finally checked them out. The A side offers Waves raw impassioned vocals against a relaxed indie-rock track, offering hints of Foals and Circa Waves but with their own distinguished sound taking precedence. Dreaming Of on the B side offers more reverberant guitar melodies and romantic lyricism; an incredibly ambient track that totally gets you dreaming of a summer beach night.


One of the best parts of Flying Vinyl is getting to check out new bands you might otherwise of not have listened to just sitting on Spotify, and YOWL were a welcomed surprise. Elements of The Smiths come through on The Imminent Return, yet with a moodier alt-rock vibe which makes them a definite must-listen for modern day Smiths fans. Saturday Drag is a track that provokes thought about its meaning, and is just as brilliantly brooding as the title suggests making for a B side just as strong as the A side.


Keeping up with those moodier vibes are the relatively new kids on the block, LUCIA. The A side features When I Think Of You, which is full of sugar-sweet yet dreamy pop melodies with hazy garage guitars and punchy percussion. Lose My Mind on the B side offers ethereal sounds and is insanely catchy, making for a vinyl pressed with two accomplished tracks, you'll be flipping back from A to B like a true vinyl-obsessive.


If you like garage-rock, then a band you'll instantly want to see live and mosh to are these guys. EAT FAST offer catchy and assured song-writing with their scuzzy sound through their trailblazing tracks Public Display Of Affection and Sand Drone, it's one you'll be turning the volume up loud to on your turntable. Chaotic, adrenaline-inducing and deftly-produced huge tracks is the best way to describe the music of this Newcastle four-piece, and I'm so happy Flying Vinyl decided to press these tracks.


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