Sunday, 19 February 2017

Video Release // Sabrina Parker- Write You Down //

You've probably already heard the stunning falsetto of Sabrina Parker if you've read about her brand new single here, but if you haven't now is the time to check out Write You Down with the release of her new music video.

The video is completely heart-warming, as Sabrina encourages the public to rather aptly write down their loving affirmations on a classic black cab, making for a raw and natural video which compliments the romanticism of her track brilliantly.

Watch as she plays her track to the public, and doesn't fail to put a smile on every person's face who meets her! It's refreshing to see a music video which doesn't rely on dancers and exaggerated acting to gain your attention, as Sabrina does this with her track and talent alone.

Check out her brand new video below, and look out for a lucky couple's proposal!

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