Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Introducing // George Ogilvie //

There isn't a word adequate enough to describe the talent that this Canterbury-born singer/songwriter holds, but his effortless vocals, masterful lyricism and impassioned rhythms are just a few things to note. George Ogilvie is a 23 year-old folk artist, whose steadily created an online fanbase of avid followers thanks to his YouTube videos and incredible live sessions produced by the likes of Mahogany and Sofar Sounds.

After achieving a Top 10 single with October on Hype Machine he's ready to release his next single, Foreign Hands, which he explains is about "rediscovering reality after feeling trapped by emotions and warped perceptions", it's certainly an emotionally-fuelled track which doesn't disappoint. Punchy percussion followed by ambient guitars form the song's beginning, before his breathtaking vocal melodies kick in making for an incredibly catchy tune. Foreign Hands is subtly reminiscent of the likes of Ben Howard and Bon Iver, but there is no denying George holds his own in this genre, with conceptual songwriting that easily makes him a front runner for the folk scene.

I caught up with George for a quick chat about his influences, the record and his future plans, before he explodes into the industry! Check it out and listen to Foreign Hands on Soundcloud below...

You say your influences include artists like Bon Iver and Ray Charles, what aspects of their music influences your own music?

Something I think is so special about Bon Iver - and also Justin Vernon’s previous records - is that it feels they were created with no intention other than expression, the sound is so pure and honest. I appreciate albums when I think of them more as a piece of art and that is something he effortlessly achieves, I find that particularly inspiring. The first song I ever performed live was a Ray Charles song - I reckon my love for old Soul/Jazz music will always inspire some underlying blues elements to my writing.

You've said that Foreign Hands is about 'rediscovering reality', could you talk more about this and the inspiration behind the track?

I suppose the song is an internal dialogue. I have a particular interest in the way the mind works, and how perceptions are our own take on a situation/person as opposed to what is really in front of us. At times you can lose yourself to it and the song is about stepping back to gauge the difference between what I was telling myself and what was the reality.

You're going on tour with Leo Stannard this year, what are you looking forward to about this tour and can we expect your own headline tour this year?

Well this will be my first touring experience and I’m delighted to be supporting Leo - I opened for him a couple of years back so I’m eager to hear his new material live. It will be great to visit some areas I haven’t managed to in the past & play my first show overseas in Dublin. I don't think a headline tour is in sight for this year but it’s something I’m excited for in future.

When can we expect more music from you and maybe an album? 

My first album is something I will be keen to take my time over. I’m constantly writing new material and I think I’ll be able to feel when the time is right, but I can promise there will be more music this year.

George's new single Foreign Hands will be released on February 17th.

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